Auburn Volkswagen - A Social Media Story

In this post, we thought we’d focus on the efforts of a single point auto dealer who’s been actively using Facebook to cultivate customer relationships and what that has meant for them in terms of customer communication, retention and sales.

Auburn Volkswagen is a single point Volkswagen dealership located in Auburn, Washington a suburb of Seattle. General Manager Matt Welch first hired our team to build “Dynamic Pages” for his store. As we covered in our last article here in DMM, these ‘Dynamic Pages’ essentially places the entire content of his dealerships website inside the Facebook environment. User can browse inventory, build a vehicle, and even schedule a service appointment on-line without ever leaving the Facebook. Beyond these “dynamic pages” the store also actively engages the local community with regular ‘Wall Posts” including everything from brand information to humorous ‘outtakes and bloopers’ of their TV commercials, even the company Christmas video!

The result? Over 675 fans to date (and growing), active comments, and some wonderful new customer interaction. General Manager Matt Welch shares just one example: “Just the other day, a Jetta customer posted on her own page that she had a flat tire. It was raining, a cold miserable day. Because she was a friend on Facebook, our sales manager could see her post, and took the initiative to contact her, and offer to drive out to help her with a new tire. She was so excited, not only about the tire, but the fact that we took the time to help her that her next post was “I LOVE AUBURN VOLKSWAGEN!!!!!”. All of her friends saw her post, as well as all of our fans (over 800 people total). According to Matt “You can’t buy that kind of positive publicity, and it all happened because of Facebook.“

Welch reports he get emails every day on Facebook with customer comments and, estimates his store does two or three new car deals a month directly as a result of his presence on there. Not bad for a media portal where the only cost is a little time and creativity. And one who’s influence is sure to grow.