Reader Survey - The Results Are In.

Thanks to the 756 visitors to the site who participated in our "reader survey" poll. According to the results, 61% of you (463) prefer the Prius Hybrid over the Clean Burning TDI. Of course, the results of the poll are completely SUBjective, and that's okay!

First off, the whole point of this journey is to promote the idea that BOTH the Prius and TDI represent viable fuel efficient "green" alternatives to current non-hybrid gasoline powered vehicles (fuel efficient cars are less than 6% of the total vehicles out there today). And it's great to have choices, depending on whether you do mostly city driving where the Prius excels, or (like me) mostly highway driving where the benefits of clean burning diesel really shine.

But fuel efficiency is only ONE element of the driving experience, creature comforts, performance (read power), styling and what I term "fun to drive-ness" are also important.

I'd love to hear from anyone that voted WHY they liked one vehicle more than the other, and especially hear from anyone that has owned or spent any time behind the wheel of BOTH alternatives.

Lastly, we'll be posting the GREEN HUMAN TEAM observations and comments on the drive very shortly.