What are we doing here?

By now you've noticed that all our stops are at VW dealers. In the interest in transparency, yes, these dealers have graciously agreed to help cover costs. But there's more to it than that.

We're not here to rip on the Prius, we're here to fairly compare the "current industry standard" to the "new opportunity" the TDI presents. When a car is nominated the "Green Car of the Year" or awarded the Guiness Book of World Records for best fuel economy on a cross country trip, there IS a story here.

Personally, I've been driving an 06 TDI for a couple of years now, and blogging about it, long before the idea of the Green p2p even existed. Personally, my biggest "ah ha" moment was the day I filled it up with 100% Biodiesel and realized I was using ZERO fossil fuel, not one drop! And while VW doesn't support the use of anything more than B5(5% bio), the point of fact is that YOU HAVE OPTIONS. If you want to make your own fuel in your garage, or go get fry grease, or just fill up with diesel or bio, you have alternatives. And that's what this test drive is really about!

So me, and team of green humans doing this, welcome your questions, and comments.

Here are some of mine-

1. Which car is the most efficient to operate on a daily basis?
2. Which one is more cost efficient over time? (Sorry the battery disposal thing on the Prius still bothers me no matter what anyone says).
3. Which one wins in the performance/fun to drive category?
4. Which one wins in the "creature comfort" category?
and finally,
5. Which one is kinder to the environment?

That's what we're here to find out.

I welcome an honest conversation, there are strong opinions on ALL sides, and that's what's going to make this fun!

Thanks for being a part of it, everyone! See you in DC!