We’re thawing out!

We’ve seen some very cold temperatures on this trip from 12 below in Maine to the ten inches of snow falling on us in Chicago to the freezing rain in Pittsburg.

We’re now in South Carolina where we’re still seeing a little of the white stuff lingering, but the temperature has risen to up 40 degrees and may be even higher today. Hallelujah!

No matter how cold it’s been or how much it’s dumped on us, one thing has been very cool, and that’s how warm we’ve been treated by everyone we’ve encountered, especially the dealers we’ve stopped at.

Smiles, doughnuts, and coffee go along way to make a road weary crew of guys feel welcome, and I can’t believe how great the people have been. Peter at Morong VW in Maine had fresh bagels for us at 6 am. Charlotte at Don Jacobs VW in Lexington had Ale8, a local caffeinated ginger ale waiting to help us wake up for the trip, Sue at Congressional VW in Rochville Maryland set us up in one of the nicest hotels in the area, and there's been so much more. From schwag to tasty goodies, you guys have really taken care of us, and it’s really kept us warm.