Turn Off the Lights on Your Way Out of Orlando.

Being from Seattle, I’m accustomed to conservation. After all, my cabin won the Smokey the Bear Conservation award the first day I was at camp Waskowitz, a tree hugging week away from regular school every kid in the 5th grade had to go to when I was 9 years old. Okay, to be fair it was a set up. All the little campers would win the stupid teddy bear over the course of the week. It seems the counselors felt the little kiddies self esteems were even more fragile than the environment.

As silly as the tie dyed lefty camp was, it really did make a lasting impression on me. Since then, I would never dream of leaving a room without turning off the lights, and I don’t mean just at home. When I leave the boys room at Starbucks, or walk out of a client’s office, I’m still compelled to flip the switch to the down position. I can’t help it. That stinky stuffed animal from thirty years ago has me by the short hairs.

It would seem however, that the rest of the country could use a little time at Camp Waskowitze. In every public restroom I’ve entered (I’m on a 9,000 mile road trip here folks, so that’s a lot of rest rooms) the lights have been on when I opened the door. No one anywhere else seems to care about conservation. Sure there have been a lot of Prius sold in America, but I gotta wonder if when their drivers make a pit stop, do they think to turn off the lights when they’re done?

I know the Green Human drivers have left no lights on anywhere. Get out of my head you damned dirty bear!