Portland to Portland Green Test Drive kicks off in Portland Maine, February 17th.

The Volkswagen Jetta TDI and the Toyota Prius are the most fuel efficient cars in America, but which one is better to drive 9,000 miles across the country? Beginning February 17 in Portland, Maine – the Green Human team will be traveling to the East Coast to settle the score once and for all as part of the Portland to Portland Green Test Drive.

“It’s not just about finding out not only which car gets better fuel economy” says Ed Steenman a producer of the green P2P event “but which one is the better all around car to drive?” They’ll find out in all kinds of conditions from the bitter cold of the Northeast winter to a desert heat in the Southwest.

Starting in Falmouth Maine (near Portland), the drivers from Green Human dot net will begin their journey of automotive discovery. We’ll stop in places all over the country to talk about eco friendly cars while interacting with communities online with video, blogs, social networking, and more. “Its seventeen days of green car fun!” says John Polnik, one of the producers of the mobile event. “I just hope we can all stand the smell in the car after a couple days on the road with these guys.”
No matter which car comes out on top, in the end both will be put through the green ringer.

We'll be back to you with more and you can monitor our progress online at www.greenP2P.com