New York’s Finest Indeed!

So I was “that guy” last night when we were driving through Times Square in Manhattan. Like the rest of the wide eyed tourists, I was dazzled by all the bright shiny lights. So dazzled in fact that I failed to notice the most important light of all, the RED traffic light! After driving through the intersection there were suddenly even more light. These ones were red and blue and came with their own siren. I pull over and an officer walks up to me to say “I gotta tell you I’m totally dumfounded!” “Excuse me?” I reply. “Yeah, I’ve never seen anyone just run a red light right in front of me. That was dumb.” He would get no argument from me, and he let us go with a warning. New York’s finest indeed.

Dumb was kinda the theme for me that night. Earlier when I thought I was going uptown when I was doing the opposite. Not really a big a deal accept that when I went to turn around, I wound up going entering the Holland Tunnel. Oh well. I really wanted to see Jersey City and pay another couple a tolls to get back into the city.

After all this we still had a great time. Not much sleep, but a great time.