9,000 Mile Test Drive To Decide "Greenest Car" in America

With both President Obama and Congress urging the auto industry to go green, and $1,300 in available tax credits for the purchase of a green vehicle, consumer interest is at an all time high. But which car to buy? A team from Seattle will drive both the leading hybrid car and one of the new clean burning diesel cars 9,000 miles across the country to settle the score as part of the Portland to Portland Green Test Drive.

"It's not just about finding out which car gets better fuel economy" says Ed Steenman, founder of Green Human and co-sponsor of the green P2P event "but which one is the better all around car to drive." His team of green humans will put both cars to the test in all kinds of conditions, from the bitter cold of the Northeast winter, to the desert heat in the Southwest.

They'll stop in places all over the country to talk about eco friendly cars, while interacting with local communities both in person and online with video, blogs, social networking. "We've got a team of cameras in the cars and we'll be uploading and interacting with anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of this as we go" says John Polnik, the lead driver and co-producer of the mobile event. "I think this could be the first 9,000 mile test drive in history, and everyone's invited along".

Green Human has always had an interest in automotive technology, and with all the new developments in bio-fuels, electric, hybrid and clean diesel, "we couldn't resist the opportunity to participate first hand in this unique event". No matter which car comes out on top, in the end both will be put through the green ringer.

The clean burning VW Jetta TDI and Toyota Prius are scheduled to leave Portland, Maine on Tuesday February 17th and arrive in Portland, Oregon around March 5th.

I'll be back to you with more and you can monitor our progress online at www.greenP2P.com